Who is Talk2Jill?

Talk2Jill is a blog created to up lift others any give the information I am learning everyday as a woman in her twenties. Some of the things I’ve learned in my early adulthood are things that I wish I knew earlier, but that doesn’t mean that everyone should have to learn the hard way.

I had to grow up fast in my adolescence. I cared for my mother after she fell ill when I was 9 years old. In turn I helped take care of my older brother and my younger sister (who have autism). Today my mom is alive and well. Unfortunately in 2016, I lost my father suddenly when I was 18 years old. I lost my dad when I needed him the most, but I had to learn to live life on my own.

This is where I come in. I want to help others who are like me and have to learn as they go. I want to give the information I learn to help anyone I can. If I can act as a sister and inform the public of my life lessons, I feel like I can help others who feel alone or feel like they have no one in their corner. However, my number one goal is give others the push they need to be successful because ANYTHING is possible.


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